06 Feb 2017

In our previous post we’ve told about the most typical plumbing problems in Chattanooga, and pipes were one of them.  While it is necessary to constantly watch on your pipelines, it’s much more crucial to do so if you’re living in an old house. As a pipe system ages, pipes will usually have some signs of existing problems. If you do not examine your pipes carefully, you may miss out the indications of problems that might lead to incredibly pricey damage. Check places at home you usually skip or don’t even think of, for example, pantries, back rooms and underground, and search for the tell-tales below.
1. Leaks
Even a little leak should warn you that something is seriously incorrect with your pipelines and they have to be changed. More than likely, they are as old as your house itself and are starting to weaken.

One sure indication of a leakage is the build-up of mold or mildew, either on a restroom wall or elsewhere in your house. Mold grows in damp environments, naturally, and a dripping pipeline offers the ideal circumstances for mold to prosper. This is specifically the case if the leak is found under a flooring or behind a wall. While finding some in your shower is not always a reason to panic – in isolation, it’s a very wet room even without any pipe leaks.

The specific odor is also apparent. If you observe it after you have actually completely cleaned up and scrubbed your house, there is most likely a leak somewhere.

2. Rust

If you’ve noticed any dimpling or flaking, it most cases it means some considerable corrosion has occurred and the pipe needs to be substituted.  A pipe can be ruined both because of a high-aced content in the water or its usage for an extended period, especially if a pipe is copper.
3. Strange water color
If you see odd-colored water coming  from your taps in any room, contact a plumber as quickly as possible and don’t wait when it will be the same; there’s a great possibility, that rust is in the pipelines. It not just makes water taste terrible, but hardens it, so washing the dishes, clothes and skin will be really tough. Needles to say, rust is very dangerous for your health.

4. Stains

If you see blots under your sink you on your walls, it may speak about a serious issue. If so, take also a look at the ceiling if the room right under your bathroom. In both cases, the stains may suggest there is some sort of leak in your house.  It is important to check the walls in your restroom for any traces of stains or warping in case your drywall has become wet and began to bubble.
To sum up, these are easy methods to inform you about the condition of your pipes. Don’t hesitate,  if the’re worn out and change them immediately!

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