21 Jun 2017

Crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) is all the vogue in plumbing materials now. Chattanooga Plumbing Company believes it’s going to substitute other prominent plastic piping option, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). Will PEX overtake the marketplace share of PVC totally, rendering the latter outdated? Time will show. However each material has its distinctive benefits […]

23 May 2017

Did you know the most unsafe room in your house is your bathroom? More house accidents happen there than anywhere else, and also family members of whatever age– from infants to 90-somethings– might go to danger. Help guarantee your loved ones well-being with these 10 crucial security suggestions. Never ever leave a little kid unattended […]

14 May 2017

How to fix leaky faucets which are not uncommon, specifically in families that use a lot of running water? If you have many family members or just use your faucets frequently, we bet that at least one among them is dripping now. Leaks range from a drip to water that streams from a turned off tap. […]

26 Apr 2017

Water damage is among house owner’s worst headaches. Even the tiniest plumbing or roof leakage might unleash extraordinary chaos over time. Not just can it damage your furnishings and other properties, but this issue also threatens human health and wellness and the structural unity of your house. So you could see that it’s important to stay […]

18 Apr 2017

Let’s speak about water. Particularly, hard water. Have you ever known  that 85 percent of the U.S.A has hard water? Unfortunately, Chattanooga is not an exception as its water has a very high mineral content. What does it mean? First point:  Water classified as “hard” contains huge quantities of the minerals calcium and magnesium. Right here’s […]

24 Mar 2017

Are noisy pipelines cause for concern? They ought to be. Your plumbing is the kind of thing you don’t actually consider too much. Till there’s a problem – after that it’s hard to think of anything else. Fortunately, however, your plumbing system has its methods of informing you concerning issues so you could handle them prior […]

06 Mar 2017

Let’s talk about a tireless yet under-appreciated house device … your water heater! Though it’s not as glamorous as a stainless-steel refrigerator or an expert cook’s stove, the hot water heating system nonetheless plays an important role in your everyday convenience. Learn the best ways to use this gadget effectively, economically, as well as securely. Find the […]

19 Feb 2017

The climate on Earth is becoming hotter and hotter every year in every region. Whether we’re struggling with droughts or not – with inefficient water using it may be a matter of time. Moreover, saving water around the home means lower utility bills!   Conserving water can also extend the life of your septic system by […]

30 Jan 2017

Water supply is the thing that every house-owner considers as a total necessity in their everyday life. Consequently, when they face some plumbing problems, they start panic. Plumbing repair is the most usual and frequent home repair issue that everyone has ever faced. Below, are top 5 plumbing problems in Chattanooga. Absence of hot water Such […]