04 Jan 2018

Every homeowner tries to keep the house appropriately, especially the new ones. Winter has already come. But was preparation to this season on your maintenance list? For sure, winterization is necessary, but in a huddle of holidays like Christmas and New Year (finally!), it could be easy to overlook the  must to get ready for […]

22 Dec 2017

Absolutely nothing deters a resident spirit as coming home and finding water in basement, especially if its space is already finished and frequently used. What is worse, any kind of wetness here can spoil carpets, damage walls and even saturate the structure of your house. Unfortunately, waterlogged basements are a rather common occurrence. In accordance […]

15 Dec 2017

Winter is a holiday season when everyone can take a break from hustle and enjoy time with family. Unfortunately, with the dropping temperatures and extensive usage of kitchen and hot water, the winter also brings unpleasant plumbing issues that may be hassle during the holidays. At Chattanooga Plumbing Company we strive to keep the pipes […]

15 Nov 2017

There’s nothing more frustrating than a home appliance that won’t function properly– particularly when you are going to use it! If you noticed that your dishwasher is not draining, it could be a sign of a clogged sewer line. Dish washers are attached to your kitchen area sink’s water line and also drain system. That’s […]

15 Sep 2017

The toilets are used every single day, however we don’t usually think of changing them up until something catastrophic occurs. Though there are a great deal of toilet concerns that Chattanooga Plumbing Company can repair, occasionally it’s best to just replace your toilet altogether.  So do you need a new toilet? Here are some of most […]

05 Sep 2017

There have been a great deal of various pipe products used in the plumbing market for many years. Several of these products, such as galvanized metal, have shown not to be ideal for plumbing and also it’s suggested that you have to replace them frequently. Here are the 3 of the most prominent selections used […]

18 Aug 2017

Every homeowner knows what a headache a low water pressure can be. It  can hash up many things – from washing dishes to taking a shower. The most difficult in this situation is that the cause of the issue is not always obvious and can take much time to find.  You may need the assistance of […]

21 Jun 2017

Crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) is all the vogue in plumbing materials now. Chattanooga Plumbing Company believes it’s going to substitute other prominent plastic piping option, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). Will PEX overtake the marketplace share of PVC totally, rendering the latter outdated? Time will show. However each material has its distinctive benefits […]

05 Jun 2017

“I love throwing away money on my home,” said no homeowner ever. Problem is, though, that you could underestimate how much particular minor home issues are costing you. Take, for instance, your plumbing system. As long as absolutely nothing major fails, you can safely neglect drips, leakages, and equipment that does not work rather up […]

14 May 2017

How to fix leaky faucets which are not uncommon, specifically in families that use a lot of running water? If you have many family members or just use your faucets frequently, we bet that at least one among them is dripping now. Leaks range from a drip to water that streams from a turned off tap. […]