Drain & Sewer Lines

When the drain or sewer lines at your home or place of business need repair or replacement, it is vital that you call the plumbing professionals that will do the job right, the first time!

The experts at Chattanooga Plumbing Company use the latest technology to diagnose and repair or replace malfunctioning drain and sewer lines. Our licensed and bonded plumbers will make sure that your drainpipes and sewer lines keep flowing smoothly.


Years of grease, soap scum, hair and food waste all contribute to clogged drainpipes. Years of accumulation can cause drains at your home or business to slow down, causing you headaches. To get your drains “draining like new” call the pros at Chattanooga Plumbing Company.

They can:

  • Remove years of built-up debris that slow the drainage in your pipes
  • Keep your drains flowing smoothly
  • Use products & techniques that are safe for all types of plumbing


If you are experiencing slow moving drains, you may have a blockage in the sewer lines of your home or business. This may be a relatively minor problem – or a huge one –depending on what the blockage is. In the past, there was very little way to know the extent of the damage without digging up your property; an expensive & destructive act. However, expert plumbers now use video sewer inspection to view and diagnose the cause of a blocked sewer line. By using a flexible, fiber-optic video camera that is threaded through the sewer line, your plumber can see and record the workings of your sewer lines.

Causes of blocked sewer lines include:

  • Construction debris
  • Tree roots
  • Pipes that have settled, been crushed, punctured or become disjointed
  • Improper installation of sewer lines

Service Area


The professionals at Chattanooga Plumbing Company will diagnose and repair your clogged drains and blocked sewer pipes. Please call us at 770-422-PLUM (7586). We will schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers who will give you expert, honest and courteous plumbing advice.