26 Apr 2017

Water damage is among house owner’s worst headaches. Even the tiniest plumbing or roof leakage might unleash extraordinary chaos over time. Not just can it damage your furnishings and other properties, but this issue also threatens human health and wellness and the structural unity of your house. So you could see that it’s important to stay heads-up for the very first signs of unwanted water. The problem is, though, that these indicators are frequently so subtle you may make the mistake of not paying much attention … until you are dealing with major effects. Below are the signs to keep an eye on so you could take care of a roofing system or pipes repair work before it’s too late.

Paint, walls and ceilings

If it is blistering, gurgling, and/or molting – 99% that you have actually got water someplace you do not want it. (It’s the same for loosened and also peeling wallpaper.) If you are in the process of buying a new house, beware of any type of residence where just certain locations, such as ceilings, have been repainted recently. Instead of simply remodeling, the seller could be attempting to hide indicators of water damage.  Also, be attentive to drywall with stains, moldings or swollen edges which can be problematic too.


You may figure out some issues through a tap base that is coming loose or caulk that’s degrading. Especially if you noticed a laminate counter top that is detaching from the base or mysterious moisture under the sink – you should prepare to an enormous leaky catastrophe.


The floorings made of laminate, hardwood or engineered timber are attractive and fashionable. But when you see wood flooring planks that are buckling or have shifted out of place, they’re in trouble. Tile floorings could give you similar sad signs. If they are loose or stay inexplicably damp for a long time after taking a shower or bath, look out.

Doors and windows

Do they slowly come to be harder and harder to open up and close? This is possibly because of water absorption.


Even if you live in an old house, it doesn’t mean that a musty scent is in the order of things. Have a look at where it is coming from. In addition, water damages may often result in an acrid smell similar to wet baby diapers! Even prior to any smell at all shows up, your nose could seek the presence of water damages and respond by itching, dripping, and sneezing.


Do you hear the water running or leaking when no one’s using bathroom or kitchen? Forget about ghosts and turn off your overactive creative imagination, it’s also a sign!  Better, seek a leakage.


You may discover that suddenly you’re paying out much more money for your regular monthly water expense than before.  This may be because of a hidden leakage and the faster you fix it, the less damage you will get. For more tips on how to cut down on water in Chattanooga, click here. 

Have found any of these signs? Do not hesitate and call a specialist from Chattanooga plumbing company to solve the issue!

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