23 May 2017

Did you know the most unsafe room in your house is your bathroom? More house accidents happen there than anywhere else, and also family members of whatever age– from infants to 90-somethings– might go to danger. Help guarantee your loved ones well-being with these 10 crucial security suggestions.

Never ever leave a little kid unattended in the bath.

Do not rely on bath seats, swim rings, or something like this. Before bath time begins, put all the supplies which you will certainly need– shampoo, soap, towel, etc.– in plain view to ensure that you can dedicate your full attention to your child.

Remember about the danger of scalding.

Water can be as dangerous as fire; even exposure to a temperature as low as 133 degrees F might result in 3rd level burns. Decrease the temperature of your water heater. Constantly check your baby  bathwater before putting them right into the bathtub. Consider an anti-scald gadget or a digital faucet that remembers your recommended and safe temperature.

Install grab bars in the shower, bathtub, and bathroom areas.

These should be installed either vertically or horizontally, not diagonally and towel rails are not a reliable enough replacement. Don’t think they’re just for seniors — 12 percent of all accidents taking place in the bathroom occur as people of any age are getting into and out of the shower or bathtub.

Lower the danger of slipping.

Add non- skid strips to the bathtub bottom or if you’re going to remodel it, install a bathtub or shower with built-in skid proofing. Watch out for bathroom mats or rugs; these should also be slip-resistant. Laying smaller-size ceramic tiles, which call for proportionally more grout, deceases flooring slipperiness too. Dry damp floors as fast as possible.

Close and lock the toilet cover.

It takes just a few extra seconds (particularly if your bathroom lock has an automated reset feature) and also could save your kid’s life. Young children are normally interested and love to explore; unfortunately,  they can drown in just a couple of inches of water.

Store medicine carefully.

Keep in clearly marked containers, either the initial product packaging or a special tablet dispenser. Never ever use the container from another medication. Store in a secured placed away from daily things such as hair shampoo, soap, and so on. Otherwise, children may confuse pills with another item and this will lead to sad consequences.

 Maintain potentially dangerous cleaning products out of reach.

Never place them under the sink. Also, a better alternative is using non-toxic eco-friendly cleansers like white vinegar and as well as baking soft drink whenever possible. This natural “dynamic duo” does superb work of descaling the showerhead, for example.

Safeguard against electric shock.

It goes without saying, that electricity is extremely dangerous in connection with water. That’s why, the best solution is to install GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) defense on outlets in all locations of the home where a water resource is close at hand, such as the kitchen counter, the laundry room, and also, clearly, the bathroom.


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